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    New Year, New Show, New Ideas??..


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    New Year, New Show, New Ideas??..

    Post  Admin on Tue Mar 08, 2011 8:48 pm

    alright, well it looks like we are going to back up and running with the Show leagues. Those that played last year with me know how this works.. As of now i think we are going to stick to a very similar plan as to last year. However i would like to make a few additions... i would like to see things ran a bit smoother and see if i can find a staff to help me out in various departments.

    I would love to find someone who is creative and knowledgeable about making the forums be top notch. Things i think would be incredible additions... a Chatbox and an up to date standings page

    Someone interested in doing some sort of weekly or bi weekly power rankings. Im not sure if Bates is going to be playing MLB with us or not.. but that dudes write ups from the Madden league were classic.

    i'd like to have a few co-commishes in place from the get go.

    these are just a few ideas.... if you have some to add.. lets hear it.

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