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    What i expect from this league...


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    What i expect from this league...

    Post  Admin on Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:16 pm

    Those of you who have played in leagues with me before have a pretty good idea of how i like things ran. Regardless i am going to say it again just to make sure EVERYONE knows.

    I understand that we are all competitive and we all have a desire to win. If we werent, we wouldnt be grown ass men trying to beat the crap out of other grown ass men at a video game. I love a good healthy competitive spirit.. but above that.. this league needs to be fun. None of us are playing for money, or have any type of video gaming contract on the line here.. so the mindset of "win at ALL COSTS" is not one i would like to see taken here... I encourage you all to Win, but do it with class and respect towards one another. This league is not about how bad you can humiliate someone.. it is not about using questionable techniques to gain an advantage over your opponent.

    The rules i have posted are very basic, and very simple... please do not make me write new rules and expand that area.

    I believe we have the makings of a very solid year of MLB the Show on our hands.. there are still a few people i have in mind and would like to add to this league.. my goal is to get 18 teams.. but if i need to go to 20 to get the guys i want in, i will. The members that have been let in to this league so far have been let in for a reason.. Some played MLB leagues with me last year, some played in my Madden league, some i met playing Ultimate Team, and the rest of you have been referred by someone in one of the previous categories. All which i feel make you good choices for this league... i have always said that i am far more concerned with a league members character and commitment than i am with their ability to play the game.

    we are still about a week and a half out from being able to even create the league. Although this does suck because many of us are dying to get started.. it also gives us the opportunity to get our shit in order and be ready for when it does start.

    This is a list of what i want ALL members to do...

    1. Make sure all of your contact info is current under the "average joes roster" page.. this INCLUDES a phone #.. i have found that being able to text your opponent to play a game helps dramatically.

    2. change your default Avatar to reflect your teams logo (ex. you see how mine is the Angels? what team do you think i am in this league?) with this being season 1 and you guys not being real familiar with each other.. this will help. if you need help.... ASK

    3. in the following 2 weeks leading up to the draft, begin adding all league members you your friends list on the game... you can add them to PSN friends list or to your friends list specifically on the Show.

    4. I will need the help of about 5 league members, i want to set up a "test league" that consists of 6 owners and has a fantasy draft. Last years online leagues was plagued with issues, i want to see if these problems have been fixed, and if not see if we can work around it before our official league drafts. I will be creating a small 6 team league, with a draft as soon as i can.. i literally want to create the league, draft, and play 2 days of the schedule all within a 3 day time frame.. if this is something you can help wth.. let me know.

    i know this was a long read and a lot of info... but im just trying to get us prepared for a smooth running league.

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