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    Scheduling... read this..


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    Scheduling... read this..

    Post  Admin on Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:08 am

    Guys, i know that a lot of us just log in and look for games to play... and sometimes it works. but most the time we are gonna have to schedule with one another. Although i was super impressed with how many games had been played league wide.. there were still a good amount of games that i had to resolve. Almost everyone in the league had played at least one game, most guys had a few in already. But of the first series, only 3 of 8 were played. so i had to decide who got the sim win in 5 games. So please use this message board as a way to communicate and talk with your opponent. I recommend trying to always have your next 4-5 games scheduled on here or at least trying to be scheduled on here, that way when i have to pick a winner, i can at least see easily who is making an effort.

    Also, if a series is about to expire and you and your opponent cant get together til after the deadline, give a heads up.. i will hold off on advancing until you play. but if you guys dont get together and work something out, it just gets simmed.

    I really like the group of guys we have in here, i think we have a solid core of owners and could have a really good league on our hands, i just need you guys to communicate with each other to get us to that next level.

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