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    Fast Play  Empty Fast Play

    Post  erecyor21 Fri Apr 08, 2011 3:51 pm

    me and awarning played last night and with fast play off to me personally its brutal. we where 1-1 after 9 and that took close to an hour and it was only 1-1. the games just take way to long and are taking the fun out of playing. i cant really play late anymore im afraid i might fall asleep ! this is not a threat but if you go fast play off next season im out. if i am not mistaken did we not have fast play on the last 13 seasons we did ! i remember playing 3-4 games a night np now i almost don't want to log on. This has nothing to do with awarning game play we had a great game. but a 1-1 game close to an hr is just to long.

    thanks !

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